Friday, May 4, 2018

An Update from Daniel's Phone

I don't often upload Daniel's photos, so there are a few old ones here:

Santa Lucia happened again!! (See last year's entry if you're interested in what it is.) 

Theo and I wanted to sport our Hanna-wedding clothes:

The downstairs apartment panorama of the remodeled bathroom:

And THE FARM!! Three Rivers Parks are the best, so of course they also have a farm with ANIMAL BABIES to come and visit every Saturday in April and May. We like farms and animal babies and spring, so we went and it was even better than we hoped! Lambs, piglets, chicks and a calf. And also some hay bails on the way out to the maple-syruping.

And it's warming up, so we're eating outside whenever we can:

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Theo's Monthly Birthday Photos - the First Year!!

1 month
Already watching everything Lukas does!

2 months
Smiling a lot! (Also screaming and crying a lot...)

3 months
Lots of giggles - especially when Lukas lays on top of him!

4 months
Holding and playing with toys, loves facing outside in his stand up play gym thingy

5 months
We gave into his begging for solid foods, he is delighted.

6 months
Our early sitter! Very pleased with his new view on the world.

7 months
Some pterodactyl screeches are being replaced by babbles. Oranges are the favorite food. Starting to stand at the train table, trying to swipe the battery train.

8 months
Starting to scoot!! I usually carry him like a basketball under one arm; he starts on the hip but wiggles down to flying position in seconds. Now ingesting more food, meat and cheese are the favorites.

9 months
Still dragging his belly but moving from room to room. Pulling himself up to a stand, but not too quickly or often. Likes to pretend to grab things from Lukas to get a rise out of him, but they mostly really like each other and laugh together. Books are a new wonderful thing, and Theo has started turning the pages. In other what-he-can-do-with-his-hands news: clapping! (but only when he thinks you're not looking).

10 Months
Theo's favorite toys are sound puzzles! Lift the knob of the wooden cat, replace it and it meows - who wouldn't love that? He has gotten off his belly and is scooting like Lukas used to, faster all the time. He rushes to the open fridge, dishwasher, doors to stairs and toilet for investigations. He mostly wants applesauce and bananas, veggies are on the out-and-out.

11 Months
Theo still loves his sound puzzles, but also really tries to put (duplo) legos together. So much work to try to catch up to Lukas! He loves crawling up the stairs and sliding like a penguin down them. He loves to stand at the coffee table and pull out blocks from the drawer. He tries to stack them, disperse them, and (sometimes) put them back. He tries to play roll/catch with a ball and pushes cars on their wheels. He is broadening his horizons with food again, liking most anything, especially if we help him shovel it in as he is VERY hungry. We also seem to be coming out of a sleep slump, so perhaps he's had a growth spurt? Here he's featuring Lukas' punjabi from Hanna's wedding :)

12 months
As we enjoy more time outside, Theo is trying to decide whether dirt tastes good. He is also climbing on everything he can, up the stairs and trying to figure out down-the-stairs. He plunges head-first off the couch onto a pillow while giggling, and does the same off the bed without a pillow and without a giggle, but also without complaint. He's a man on a mission. Another new thing this month: anything that looks or acts like a ball is the favorite. Roll it, chase it, push it around with his head while he does his 3.0 (normal) crawl. He finally got his first tooth a week before his birthday and this morning I saw a second had poked through, hence sucking on his finger in this party shot!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The April 13-15 blizzard (~15 inches of unwanted snow). This was also the Saturday of 3 funerals: Heidi's dad, John and Grace, and Erinn. We went to Erinn's, Heidi's dad's was in Eau Claire so we didn't make it, and John and Grace's was cancelled. We got to catch up with lots of lovely people at Erinn's, and also enjoyed getting to know both Ethan and Erinn's family better through the memorial service. We also got to have Brad Arts stay with us for the night as he was stuck after having dinner with us. Sunday James and Blaire came to visit and the boys loved them. 

The blizzard:

The husband:

The baby (in selfie form): 

"I'm going to Jerusalem on this boat!!"

Bunny had a run-in with the bathroom drawer:

The baby LOVES Jesse's drum:

And finally, Jesus driving the car-carrier:

Saturday, March 31, 2018


March was long and dark. With lots of snow. There were some photos though, unlike February :)  Did I mention it's been a long winter? I long for sun and clear sidewalks so I can push my cadillac stroller again. 

We went to Stockholm, WI for a long weekend over Daniel's spring break. The drive along the river and in the country was very beautiful. We stopped at the Hope Academy Farm School on the way, it was very nice to see how well-run that is, and how happy the teenage boys are there. Lukas liked the chickens and the ride in the big truck with Mr. Norman. Stockholm town was cold and quiet, but very nice for walking.  The shore of Lake Pepin was also beautiful and very nice for walking. We spent the day in Red Wing on the way back, here Lukas is in front of the giant boot at the Red Wing shoe shop:

The attempts at a 10 month photo:

Trying to capture the thighs:

(not to neglect this one, who is also very cute :)

Play-dough is a nice indoor winter activity. It mostly consists of the 3 yr old asking for a certain animal, the Mama looking up a picture on the internet and then forming as well as possible, then the 3 yr old disappearing for hours pretending with the new animals. Mama is allowed to join in the play, but more so in the way. Can you tell what these are?

The felt board has been another winter highlight. For Christmas we had some excellent standing felt nativity friends, and this was my attempt to make Easter just as exciting. It worked! He loves to play with them and tell stories with them, and constantly has requests for more people and props. Papa made a very nice palm branch for Palm Sunday that doubles as a tree.

Ah, washing the toys. I'm very glad to do it myself, but he was eager to jump in. A child who washes his own toys and enjoys it. Isn't God kind to me?