Thursday, December 13, 2018

Two videos

Here is my pregnancy nausea lifeline - the slide by my bed, so I can stay there as long as possible.

And this just is cute:

December (so far)

Lots of costumes at once are just as fun as lots of pants at once.

"We're doing holy fellowship"

Good morning, Theo.

A special treat: the dogs were out, so we could watch them during lunch!

The Christmas train


Isn't he handsome?

A little hug and kiss from behind (at Grandma's)

Painting presents
At Target I found "super-washable" paint. It is. I don't even put paper down beneath (anymore)

Matching jogging suits from Grandma

"Never forget who's number 1, Mama."

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


One of our favorite places to visit, the nature center at Central park in Roseville:

Powderhorn Park on the way to church:

Miss Dinah's wedding
A highlight for Mama because this is a dear friend who is now married to a kind man. We waited for this. A highlight for Lukas, because it was the most child-friendly reception in the history of weddings. There were books, games, and the dancing was super fun! Lukas taught himself some new moves.

See him in the blue & green checked shirt?

Swim lessons at the newly redone park rec center across the street. Can't really see Lukas, but you get the idea.

Just because he's cute.

The matching shirt photo shoot of the two wiggly toddler boys was as successful as ever (mostly blurry and not looking at camera...) but I still think they're cute.

And Halloween: the Papa, the Skunk, and the Bee:

August / September

I have lots of good reasons for not having posted in a while, which are worth entering in the family album (this blog), as a mark of time:

1) I got pregnant and was busy feeling terrible, trying to be kind to the children outside my womb and sleeping a lot.
2) Daniel spent 8 weeks (Sept-Oct) thoroughly drowning, while preparing for his qualification exams for his PHD and trying to keep up with his full time job and trying to come home to his family who need him very much. We are still playing catch-up
3) I got a new phone and it didn't want to talk to the computer. 

Donuts from the Baker's Wife, and a visit to the beach at Hiawatha:

He's a climber. We're trying to keep him alive.

We're always growing. 
Now (December) he can put his shirts on and take them off, no problem with that head getting in the way.

Lots of clothes is a favorite. Under those underpants are at least 3 pairs of shorts.

Last winter Daniel finished the grinder part of the cider press, so the pressing went much faster this fall! Daniel picked 8 boxes of pears from the Tong's trees down the street, and another 8 boxes (8-10 bushels) of apples from a house near Powderhorn Park. We went for an apple-scoping walk one afternoon and found the perfect tree of perfect apples that looked unwanted (had started to fall to the ground). The owner was very happy for Daniel to pick to his heart's content. He drove us home and went back durning nap time to pick for 2 hours.  I need to find cider press pictures and insert here...

We also made lots of applesauce:

Daniel and Lukas flew out to Cleveland for the Thomas reunion, here's Lukas and Obed:


The view from our luxurious motel on Lake Superior in Bayfield:

The post-trip tireds. It was a while ago now, but I'm pretty sure he went from throwing a fit to falling asleep on the step by the shoes.