Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More About Them Reading Together

Happy in the Snow


Last week I turned around for 5 seconds and Theo got into the compost and was eating a banana peel caked in coffee grounds. I put him in his high chair with some suitable snack, cleaned up the compost mess and turned around to find him snacking on the table candle.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Theo's Monthly Birthday Photo

1 month
Already watching everything Lukas does!

2 months
Smiling a lot! (Also screaming and crying a lot...)

3 months
Lots of giggles - especially when Lukas lays on top of him!

4 months
Holding and playing with toys, loves facing outside in his stand up play gym thingy

5 months
We gave into his begging for solid foods, he is delighted.

6 months
Our early sitter! Very pleased with his new view on the world.

7 months
Some pterodactyl screeches are being replaced by babbles. Oranges are the favorite food. Starting to stand at the train table, trying to swipe the battery train.

8 months
Starting to scoot!! I usually carry him like a basketball under one arm; he starts on the hip but wiggles down to flying position in seconds. Now ingesting more food, meat and cheese are the favorites.

9 months
Still dragging his belly but moving from room to room. Pulling himself up to a stand, but not too quickly or often. Likes to pretend to grab things from Lukas to get a rise out of him, but they mostly really like each other and laugh together. Books are a new wonderful thing, and Theo has started turning the pages. In other what-he-can-do-with-his-hands news: clapping! (but only when he thinks you're not looking).

The First Day of Preschool!

We were supposed to start last week but were a sick house on quarantine. This was more disappointing to the mama than the boy. But he was very happy to wake up yesterday to the news that it was time to go to preschool. Isn't he looking nice in his uniform vest?

And of course the small one came along to the festivities, and is even officially enrolled in the music class at the end of the family preschool morning. No vest required for him.

What would a brothers photoshoot be with two boys in focus and smiling at the same time? We like blurriness and taking turns offering the golden smiles:

The Worst in 10 Years...

... is what all the medical people are saying this year for how many flus, fevers, and viruses are going around. Our house has paid it's dues in this area. Starting with this one:

And then taking this one down:

It is now February and we are happy to have survived January.